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WellFIT is our wellness program for getting in shape through fitness. We have hand picked helpful fitness tips that will help you move along any goals you have for getting healthy, losing weight, or just staying  fit whether at home, the office or at the gym. Being active though isn't always about losing weight but can help you in different ways such as immune system, arthritis, or blood flow. See our nutritionist's blog here for tips, information, exercises, and more!

Preparing for Summer

As winter slowly comes to an end, we cannot help but be excited with how close summer is! With that being said, many people will begin to panic as they may have put on a few pounds over the winter season. This so-called “summer body” starts to pop into everyone’s minds as they want to look their very best while at the beach. Many will increase their days they workout or the types of workouts they do. With that being said, it is important to protect our bodies and health by safely exercising and fueling our bodies to prevent injury.

Stay hydrated throughout your workout

It is crucial to make sure you are properly hydrated before, during and after your workout. This will enhance your workout performance and can limit the chance of becoming dehydrated. As you sweat, your body is losing water which quickly needs to be replenished. Make sure to have a water bottle handy while you workout!

Start with a cardio warmup

If you are not a big fan of cardio, strive to push yourself to do at least 20 minutes of cardio each workout. It can even be walking on the treadmill or warming up your muscles on the bike. Once you do this consistently for a few weeks, 20 minutes will fly by and feel like a breeze! Doing cardio will also get your heart pumping and blood flowing, so the rest of your muscles are ready to work out.

Try a new machine each visit

There is an endless amount of machines and possible work outs that you can do at the gym. This can often be a bit overwhelming, as you do not know where to start. Instead of sticking with your usual routine, try incorporating a new machine or lifting technique each time you work out. You may even find a new machine that you like that works out your muscles a bit differently. This will keep your workouts interesting as they are always changing. It will also help give you a little push out of your comfort zone to try something new. 

Recharge your batteries (muscles)!

After a workout, it is always important to re-fuel your body. That is, you need to eat or drink something!  Your muscles are craving energy and it is important to listen to them.Having even a small snack after a workout will help your body recover and improve your ability to workout consistently. Make sure to have a snack that includes carbohydrates and some protein in order to refuel your muscles and help them get stronger. This could be a piece of toast with peanut butter, or some pita bread and hummus. Also, do not forget to drink water!

We are here to help you meet your WellFIT goals!

Exercise tips to keep you active, healthy and motivated!


Healthy recipes to keep you on track through this season!

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