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What to Eat Before and After a Workout

What to Eat Before and After a Workout

Proper nutrition fuels the body during physical activity and enables you to get the most out of your workout. However, it is important to eat the right foods at the right time in order to stay energized, maximize performance, and speed up recovery.



The best pre-workout snack is a small portion of both complex carbohydrates and protein. Eating too much food before a workout can make you sluggish or nauseous. Therefore, it is important to stick with blander foods that agree with your stomach, but can also power you throughout your sweat session.

  • Brown rice (1/2 cup) with black beans (1/2 cup)

  • Small sweet potato with steamed or lightly salted broccoli in olive oil (1 cup)

  • Banana with almond butter (2 tablespoons)

  • Multi-grain crackers (10) with hummus (3 tablespoons)

  • Oatmeal (1/2 cup) with fresh fruit

  • Whole wheat toast (1 slice) with sliced banana and cinnamon

  • Apple with almond butter (2 tablespoons) or walnuts (1/4 cup)

  • Greek yogurt (1/2 cup) and trail mix (2 tablespoons)



Post-workout snacks or meals are just as important as your pre-workout fuel. The best post-workout food is protein-based, with some carbohydrates, about 30-60 minutes after exercise. The combination of protein and carbohydrates will replenish energy, build and repair broken down muscles, and stimulate your burning metabolism.

  • Protein shake made with half of a banana, one scoop of protein powder, almond milk, and hemp or chia seeds (2 tablespoons)

  • Steamed mixed vegetables (1 cup) with chicken or tofu

  • Quinoa bowl (1 cup) with black berries (1 cup) and pecans (1/4 cup)

  • Multi-grain bread (2 slices) with raw peanut butter (2 tablespoons) or ½ smashed avocado

  • 2-egg veggie omelet with ¼ avocado

  • A glass of chocolate milk (8 oz)

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