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5 Fun Ways to Stay Fit This Winter

Who wants to exercise when it's cold and dark outside? Not many of us. However, getting outdoors (when it’s light out) can put you in a better mood and may even improve your concentration.

So bundle up and get out there! Make sure to take a little extra time to warm up before you exercise in the cold too.

Here are some fun activities you can enjoy alone or with friends and family:

Walk. Walking is easy and requires little more than a good pair of shoes. You can burn calories, increase blood flow, and give your heart and lungs a boost just by putting one foot in front of the other. Walking is also a great stress reducer.

Hike. Hiking offers many of the same benefits as walking, and gives you the chance to explore new areas and often, the additional challenge of varying terrain. Make sure to watch for ice and wear shoes with good traction.

Run. Vigorous exercise like running slows the effects of aging and appears to help fend off disease and disability. As long as you dress warmly enough and there’s not a ton of white stuff on the ground, you can enjoy running through the winter months.

Skate, Snowshoe, or Ski. Not only will these activities get you outdoors, they are fun to do with a group of friends or as a family.

Geocache. VNever hears of geocaching? It’s a lot of fun and really engages kids. Take your family on a high-tech treasure hunt. You'll need access to the Internet and a GPS device – the GPS on your cell phone will work. First, look up what treasures are hidden in your area on the official Geocaching web site, then head out to find them. Geocaching gives kids a chance to learn about the outdoors, problem solve, and work as a team.

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