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Winter Meal Prep Tips

The winter months are a great time to take advantage of meal prep and have delicious, healthy meals to warm you up after a long, cold day. Using a crockpot (or slow cooker) is a great way to save time but also prepare a nutritious, balanced meal. Carve out some time in the morning, or a weekend day, to assemble a meal and by the time you are home from work – voila the meal is ready! Additional benefits of using a crockpot are that the food is cooked at a low temperature for a long period of time allowing for the meat and vegetables to become tender in their own natural juices. Crockpots can be used breakfast well as dinner – and leftovers can be an excellent choice for lunch!

For breakfast try making oatmeal – this recipe can be prepared the night before and will be sure to leaving your home smelling like fresh apple pie. FIND RECIPE HERE!

Popular ideas for healthy dinners using a crockpot include chilli or stews. For a bit more a zest to your week, families will likely enjoy a slow cooker chicken fajita dish found here -- FIND RECIPE HERE!

Other ways to do some meal prep without a crockpot include making a batch of hard boiled eggs for quick breakfasts and cutting up a variety of vegetables to keep stored in the fridge for an afternoon snack or side to dinner or lunch. Anything you can get done on Sunday (or your day off) will save you time throughout the week! PS – don’t forget to make enough for leftovers ;)

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