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Take It Indoors This Winter

Dropping temps don’t mean you have to ditch exercise. BUT, you may need to change up your routine and move it indoors. Here are some indoor fitness ideas for you try this winter.

Yoga or Pilates. Yoga is a great way for adults and kids to keep muscles limber and de-stress. Pilates helps build strong core muscles, strengthens and elongates leg muscles and can improve posture. You can find yoga and pilates classes at a gym, in a studio, or on video at home. If you happen to have a smart tv, you can download some videos directly to your library. Many people enjoy the on demand options available as well.

Swim. If you have access to an indoor pool, take the plunge! Not only is swimming the most popular athletic activity in the U.S., swimmers tend to live longer and have better moods. Swimming is the best activity if you have high blood pressure because being in the water helps keep our BP down.

Bowl or Dancing. Believe it or not, bowling is exercise too! Maybe not as much as dancing, but it gets you moving and lifting heavy objects. It’s a great activity for the “exercise-resistant”. Plan a night out with friends or family that revolves around a fun activity instead of food!

Exergames. Get physical with your gaming. Researchers found that two video games, Nintendo's Wii Boxing and Konami's Dance Dance Revolution can have a positive impact on fitness. They do not offer as many health benefits as playing an actual sport, but highly active exergames are a good way to get moving on a cold or rainy day. They can be fun and interactive for the family as well.

Take the Stairs. Every time you choose the stairs over the elevator or escalator, you burn more calories and reduce your risk of heart disease. So take the stairs at every opportunity. Tracking steps on a fitness tracker helps motivate some people. So even beyond the stairs, take more steps!

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