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Many Hands Make Light Work

Planning and Prepping meals together

can be just what you need!!!

Make sure everyone in the household has a role in the food prep/ menu planning.

Find 2 or 3 evenings when you can slow down and prepare a meal together.

Family meals are known to help with school performance, self-esteem

and overall happiness.

Include children by giving them simple chores like washing fruit, making a salad, setting the table, planning one meal for the week or doing the dishes.


Benefits of Cooking Together as a Family

Increases Family Cohesion

We have found over the years of cooking with our own grandparents, parents, and now our own children, that there is a special kind of unity that flows while in the kitchen together. From reminiscing about good times to praying together during the bad times, there is always an increased sense of family unity while preparing food together. From picking out the recipes to planning the grocery list to cooking and getting the food on the table – cooking together is a wonderful time to connect with your family.

Fosters Appreciation

Whether a tiny 1-year-old baby only able to dump in spices or mix ingredients or a 17-year-old hungry boy – your children will appreciate the time that they are able to spend with you in this way. We have noticed that when the children have the chance to be a part of the “process” of putting food on the table, they are less likely to complain. We have also watched them have an appreciation for the provision of food that has been provided.

Provides Teachable Moments

This doesn’t just apply to learning how to cook, it applies to life lessons in general. There have been countless times that we have cooked with our children and had the chance to talk with them about valuable life lessons. For instance, we just had a conversation with our 12-year-old daughter while preparing some vegetarian burritos last night about how much of a farce the entire fashion industry is. She had an “aha” moment right there in the kitchen while cutting up vegetables and preparing to saute them. And that is just one of thousands and thousands of opportunities we will have to speak into her precious heart during our time cooking together.

Creates Memories that Last a Lifetime

This has to be one of our favorite by-products of cooking and baking together. A prime example of this occurred over the Christmas season. We recently moved back to the United States from living overseas and were excited to make some new advent traditions serving others in our local area. As a result, we found ourselves spending many days in the kitchen as a family baking all sorts of goodies for our food-challenged community, local police, firemen, Sunday School teachers, gymnastics coaches, Karate Sensei’s and the list goes on and on. This was a great source of memories for the children, spreading joy to many who were not expecting to receive it. Our 6-year-old son told us, “I am so happy that we could cook so much together making treats for our friends. I will never ever forget it.” That is the type of beautiful memory that cannot be replaced.

Benefits of Cooking Together as a Family Artical Provided by: For the Family

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