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Why Winter Running Rocks!

Colder weather. Shorter daylight hours. Snow and sleet. It’s enough to make any runner hibernate for the winter.

Most runners lament the coming of winter and pine for the dog days of summer. After all, running outdoors in the cold weather can present physical and mental challenges.

Call me crazy, but I’m actually looking forward to running this winter. After surviving training during last winter’s Polar Vortex, I entered the spring with a solid foundation that helped me run strong throughout the year. It also taught me a few things about myself and made me a more confident runner.

So, as the colder weather creeps in, here are 10 reasons why I’m excited about winter running:

1. Running in freshly fallen snow on quiet, crisp mornings. It’s exhilarating.

2. Not having to contend with crowds of runners in the park.

3. New gear. I mean, you have to stay warm, right?

4. Letting go of pace (thanks to the winter road conditions).

5. Time spent outdoors to tune into and appreciate the change in season.

6. No humidity.

7. Any reason to avoid the treadmill.

8. Fresh air and sunlight to help curb the winter blues.

9. That badass feeling when you come home from a winter run? Yeah, that.

10. Starting off on a strong foot once spring rolls around.

I’m not going to lie. It is still a struggle to get out of bed on a chilly morning and head out the door. But once I get going and start to warm-up, I won’t pass up the opportunity to log some miles outdoors.

Artical Provided by: Run Haven

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