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A Simple Way to Cook Any Greens

A Simple Way To Cook Any Greens

The virtuous green, leafy vegetable. We hear so much about it but, if you're anything like me up until a few years ago, these behemoth-leafed vegetables are daunting. What exactly are you supposed to do with them anyway?. Thanks to their increasing popularity and the proliferation of internet recipes, you can now find endless recipes online simply by typing "greens" into your search engine. Everything from green smoothies to frittatas to kale chips will appear. But don't worry, you don't need to invest in a dehydrator or Vitamix to reap the benefits of greens.

In this video, I demonstrate my favorite (and simple) way to prep greens. This is a staple on our dinner table and I hope it will be on yours as well.

AND, try this! Get kids to eat their greens by talking about how iron and other vitamins and minerals in these powerful veggies will help make them stronger.

BONUS TIP: You'll notice in the video, I use a cast iron pan which adds even more iron to the dish!

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