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5 Reasons to Start Meal Prepping—Now!

If you've come anywhere near Pinterest, Instagram, or the internet in general, you know that meal prep is a new way of life, adopted by ultraresponsible A-types around the world.

But look, now there are regular people who are meal prepping, too (us included)! It's not as intimidating as it looks, and there are some major benefits. Take a look at all the reasons you should get started, like, now.

You'll save money.

Are you grabbing takeout from a restaurant at work every day? How much money are you spending on your lunch break? With meal prep, you'll save tons of money by buying in bulk (ingredients that are freezable or have a longer shelf life) and by eliminating restaurant markup.

You might lose weight.

If you're trying to lose weight, meal prep is one of the best ways to start.

You'll waste less food.

Because you're in control of your portions (and have Tupperware on hand!), you're less likely to throw away food. How often do you end up tossing out extra food from a to-go order? By buying and preparing only what you need, you're in a better position to combat the food waste epidemic.

You'll learn new, healthy recipes.

By focusing weekly on preparing meals for yourself, you'll get to learn and practice new recipes that you love. It might take trial and error, but before you know it, some of your favorite foods will be the easiest to make. Finally, your Pinterest dreams are coming to fruition!

It's so easy!

Although it looks like meal prep is for stay-at-home moms and obsessively organized kitchen goddesses, there are some simple, easy meal prep hacks that make the process streamlined, easy, and — dare we say it — fun. Even keeping it simple and planning out one meal each week can help you dabble in the world of meal prep before diving in head first. That said, if you're ready to plan your week, try our meal prep ideas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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