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5 Fabulous Fall Sports For Fitness

Forget Spring fever, I'm falling hard for Fall. The cool air, crisp apples, football games, and pretty pumpkin patches have me dreaming up new ways to spend my Fall days outdoors. Come see which ones are topping my list and add yours to the comments!


Flag Football

Go rushing for the yards with your best pals in a field of fallen leaves. Flag football provides equal amounts of fun and fitness. Just be sure to stretch out your muscles before hitting the field so you don't end up sidelined with season ending injuries.

Get Wheel Happy

This time of the year is perfect for hitting the biking trails. Tune up the wheels for a short spin or gear up for an adventurous day of biking. In fact, cycling for an hour at a moderate rate burns close to 475 calories.


Giddyup cowgirls! Get up in that saddle and head out for a horseback ride where you can soak up the foliage while exercising some serious muscles. Hello inner thighs!

Hit the Trails

Whether you're hiking or rock climbing, you can take in the great outdoors with fresh crisp air and a full body workout. Hit the hills too! Hiking uphill will increase your caloric burn and work your backside.

Pumpkin Patch Picking

Pumpkin hunting may not be a legitimate sport, but you can make it into one with the right attitude and creative thinking. Before walking away with the perfect squash, pick up a few pumpkins along the patch route for a few good squats and bicep curls. By the time you're ready to pay for a gourd or two, you'll feel the burn in your body.

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